Ryokan Miyabiyado Takemine

A relaxing and comfortable place in the city life away from the life of a luxurious Japanese-style room of calm adults who are calm and relaxed from Shinjuku a few high-class Japanese-styles room. 

MIYABI : The hotel “TAKEMINE” was founded in 1965.Good time and comfortable space. We will deliver the time of the city center.


AJI : You can enjoy handsome taste of the treatment by the room inheriting the taste of cooking “MOMOYAMA”


IKOI : The room which was based on Makiya building was in the city center,But it seemed as if I came to a hot spring inn. We will deliver peace.

-RelaxationRoom OPEN !!-




【DSA 日本空間デザイン賞 2018】に入選いたしました。
当館の客室デザインを担当して頂いた株式会社DESIGN Iris 大竹様には深く感謝申し上げます。
Miyabiyado Takamine won the space design awards sponsored by the Japan Space Design Association (DSA Japan Space Design Award 2018).We would like to express our deepest appreciation to DESIGN Iris Otake Co., Ltd. who was responsible for the hotel's guest room design.

この度、トリップアドバイザー2018年エクセレンス認証(CERTIFICATE of EXCELLENCE)に認定されました。過去1年に渡り5満点評価のうち4以上を維持し、素晴らしい口コミを一貫して得ているトップ10%の施設のみに贈られる栄誉あるアワードです。
We will thanks to all customers,your kindness and continuous support made our high evaluation and got a Excellence Certificate of 2018 from Trip Advisor.

この度、皆様のおかげで世界最大手の宿泊予約サイトHotels.comより Hotels.com Loved by Guests Award 2018を受賞しました。
Thanks to everyone, we received “Hotels.com Loved by Guests Award 2018” from the world's largest hotel reservation site, Hotels.com in 2018.

Honorable Mention(佳作)を受賞しました。
当館のリノベーションデザインを担当し、受賞された株式会社DESIGN Iris 大竹様には深く感謝申し上げます。
Our guest rooms design received the “Honorable Mention” at the Interior Design Renovation division of the International Design Award, "IDA Design Award".Special thanks to DESIGN Iris Otake Co., Ltd. which was in charge of renovation design of our hotel.